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Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter Review

Drive Medical is an American based company whose main focus influences creation of mobility equipment. It boasts as among the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of knee scooters. Over the years, the business has gained great customer reputation, making it just about the most popular manufacturer for your international market. One specific model that stands out of your long distinctive line of their inventions may be the Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter. This scooter is crafted to assist in mobility needs, specifically individuals who are not capable of supporting their weight utilizing their foot or ankle. This can be one model that has a lot of admirers worldwide, as a result of its quality construction and sturdy design.

The Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter also comes in a powerful steel construction that permits it to match a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Like most of the company’s models, it is packaged in a lightweight design providing you with for straightforward handling. To match patients with varied heights, these devices carries a tool free adjustable height. This can be achievable both for the handles at the same time as well as the knee pads. The deluxe handbrakes are really simple to apply and provide immediate stoppage in the device. For enhanced versatility, the knee walker comes with extra-large wheels. These facilitate both indoor and outdoor use. Its steerable design offers easy maneuvering and control, specifically in tight turns. The 2-piece knee platform is well padded to supply increased comfort for your injured leg. This sort of concerned with space for storing, this Knee Scooter includes a detachable wire basket. It offers convenient storage for private items. This unit is much more convenient for storage and transportation, as a result of its foldable steering column. To allow you to happy with your hard earned money, these devices includes a limited lifetime warranty. This generally covers the brake cable. Certainly, it is certainly one Knee Scooter that is worth a star rating of 4.8 stars with a elegant rating scale.
Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter
Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter

Key Features - Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter

Lightweight construction

Despite having a sturdy steel frame construction, the 796 Dual Knee Scooter still offers you using a lightweight design. It weighs merely a 22 lbs, which renders it simple to manage even for the existing and feeble users. It can easily be lifted when not in use. This allows for efficient loading when transporting it in your car.

Compact and foldable design

This scooter comes with a small footprint in comparison with most alternative models. Its small size measures 30 by 16 by 31 inches. This gives it to travel past narrow doors and other passages. To supplement its small size, the 796 Knee Scooter carries a foldable design. This gives it is conveniently held in the vehicle trunk for transportation purposes.

Extra-large diameter wheels

This Knee Scooter incorporates four large wheels, two in front and two for the rear. Each of the wheels feature a diameter of 8 inches. They provide excellent traction, be it for the smooth indoor surfaces or rough terrain outdoors. These wheels offer exceptional stability on uneven surfaces, which prevents it from tipping over.

350 pounds weight capacity

The 796 Knee Scooter also comes in a strong and sturdy design, as a result of its dual steel frame. It enables the walker to guide weights of up to 350 lbs. This is one of the largest weight capacities rolling around in its class of tools. It enables it to fulfill the mobility needs of both small and big-sized patients.

Tool free height adjustment

As mentioned previously, the Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter is adjustable high. The height in the handles can be altered to inside the height range of 31 inches – 40 inches. For extra comfort, the knee platform can be adjustable high to within 16.5 inches -20.5 inches.

Pros - Drive Medical 796 

* Steerable design enables easy maneuvering
* Can hold around 350 pounds
* Lightweight enough for straightforward handling
* Height adjustable to fulfill the mobility needs of short and tall users
* Large wheels are compatible with inside and outside use
* Exceptional braking mechanism guarantees user safety
* May be folded for straightforward storage and transportation
* Offers convenient space for storing for essential items

Customer Testimonials and Scores of 796 Knee Scooter

The Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter is featured on many online reviews. Probably the most notable sites that gives you both customer ratings and reviews is Amazon. Just for this Knee Scooter, your website features when using 24 customer reviews.

It records an average score of 4.5 stars with a elegant rating scale. This pretty high score has been made possible by its exceptional comfort. Also, many company is in awe of the durable construction that permits the scooter to last them for years.

Cons - Drive Medical 796

Similar to models available on the market, the 796 Knee Scooter just isn't without its drawback. Many have complained regarding its cost. They have remarked that the price tag is pretty high. Nevertheless, for any model this way, this kind of price is highly justified. This can be one knee scooter providing you with everything, be it exceptional quality, great comfort or enhanced safety. That is definitely worth what you pay for.

Conclusion about Drive Medical 796 Knee Walker Scooter

The Drive Medical 796 Knee Scooter is more than just your normal mobility device. Unlike the typical crutches and wheelchairs, it does not compromise your active life. Moreover, it provides a comfortable platform that facilitates an entire and speedy recovery. It is obviously one model worthwhile considering to take care of your mobility issues.

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